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  • Resource Center Microscopy and Microanalysis (R—MM) is an interdisciplinary educational center, equipped with modern laboratory equipment.
  • The main focus of the resource center is instrumental provision of educational programs for bachelors, masters and and postgraduate students of St. Petersburg University.
  • Students, graduate students, university staff and third party users have the ability to conduct independent research on the equipment center.


Resource Center microscopy and microanalysis is based on pre-existing laboratory of electron microscopy and microanalysis of the Faculty of Geology , established in 1980. The basis of the laboratory was a scanning electron microscope microanalyzer - SEM -501 B (Philips, The Netherlands). Head of the laboratory since its inception Alexander Nesterov Romualdovich . Laboratory performs a variety of contractual , budgetary issues and served course and diploma works of students of our university. In 2006, the University was purchased with the system focused electron and ion probes QUANTA 200 3D (FIA, the Netherlands) and mounted in our lab. From this moment the laboratory was given the status of the interdepartmental training laboratory serving Biology and Soil Faculty of Geology.

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