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Initial-mantle formation (including diamantiferous)

  • Morphology of diamonds as a possible indicator of their genesis


a Octahedral crystal of diamond; b triangual growth pits on {111};
c triangular growth hillock on {111}; d junction between {110} and {111}, note complex texture of the {110} surface (quasi-face).

a Surface of dodecahedroid covered with hillocks (regeneration form, according to KUKHARENKO 1954);
b layered structure of the regeneration hillocks, detail of (a); c discoid sculpture on a curved face;
d details of (c); e deformation-induced striation on a surface of dodecahedroid; f vicinal faces of trisoctahedron between {111} and curve-faced forms.

Evdokimov M.D., Ladygina M.Y., Nesterov A.R., (2001): Morfology of diamonds as a possible indicator of their genesis. N.Jb. Minir. Abh. (176): 153177; Stuttgart.

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